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If your website needs to support users across multiple languages, there are plenty of solutions out there. But not all solutions are equal.

Services like Google Translate are quick, easy and free to add to your site – but the translation quality is far from perfect. Misinterpreted information can be confusing to end users, and can make your business look unprofessional.

Professional translators are more expensive but well worth the cost, to ensure your message and tone are appropriate for each of your foreign language audiences. Unfortunately, many developers opt to create separate versions of a website for each language, and that means that the work for every future update will get multiplied by the number of languages you must support – separate pages, images, forms, tags, and content. That’s a lot of unnecessary work!

Once again, we’ll call on the power of WordPress to solve this problem. By using the free Polylang plugin, you can maintain a single website while adding as many language translations to each page as you like. Polylang allows you to translate pages, posts, media, categories, tags, menus, widgets, and more – all with just one set of website files – and includes a customizable language-switcher widget on the front-end, allowing users to select their language of choice. Problem solved.

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