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Lasalle St. Securities

PixelPeople worked with LaSalle St. Securities to refresh their established 45-year-old brand, develop new brand identities for two of their service offerings, and design a custom website that delivers content geared towards multiple different audiences.

Mobile Website Design

Brand Refresh

This project started with a brand refresh and new branding for two of the client’s service offerings. The updated trio of logos was designed to carry their established, 45-year-old brand equity forward, while modernizing the look and developing a new color palette that allows each sub-brand to stand on its own.

PHP code

Custom Wordpress Theme

Working from the newly refreshed brand, PixelPeople built a custom-designed, custom-developed WordPress website to appeal to both LaSalle’s customers and agents. The website incorporates a popular page builder that the client was already familiar with, dynamic forms to help simplify the on-boarding of new agents, and a reorganization of their educational content.


Content Design

The new site included information about LaSalle’s traditional Securities business, plus its Investment Advisory and Insurance businesses. It also needed better information design to properly direct both clients and agents for these three types of services.

Mobile Website Design

Mobile-First Design

Mobile devices are now the primary way people access the internet, so PixelPeople made sure that LaSalle’s new website employed a mobile-first approach. This ensures the website is optimized for smaller screens, faster load times, and an improved user experience, leading to higher engagement and conversions.


PixelPeople worked with Happi to transition their existing informational site into a full ecommerce site featuring age-gated content, state-specific product offerings, and integration with a 3rd-party fulfillment partner.

Ecommerce Website

Custom Shop and Product Pages

PixelPeople built custom shop and product pages into Happi’s existing WooCommerce-enabled theme, allowing integration with location-specific content, product subscriptions, product reviews, and a recommended products section.

State Selector

Location-Based Content

Due to laws that vary state-by-state, Happi needed to provide users with location-specific content and product offerings. Using automatic IP Geolocation, PixelPeople allowed users to view content and products relevant to their specific location with minimal inconvenience or interruption of their shopping experience.

Age-Gated Content

Age-Restricted Content

PixelPeople added an age-gate popup to verify website visitors are of age to puchase Happi products. The popup uses cookies to remember the users’ settings and minimize interruptions during future visits.

Shipping Fulfillment

Dropship Fulfillment Partner Integration

PixelPeople helped integrate a third-party fulfillment service, sending orders, updates, and shipping/tracking info back and forth between the website and the fulfillment partner’s platform.

The Mulch Center

PixelPeople built The Mulch Center's very first ecommerce site in 2019, and it quickly became their #1 source of revenue. After years of repeated success, The Mulch Center worked with PixelPeople again in 2024 to build and launch a new custom WooCommerce site from the ground up, to integrate with their new payment, fulfillment, and accounting systems.

Custom WordPress Theme

Custom WordPress Theme

PixelPeople developed pixel-perfect page and section templates, based on designs provided by the client. Our custom development process provided the perfect marriage between The Mulch Center’s custom designs, a highly-customized WooCommerce implementation, and several third-party integrations.

Custom Website Features

End-User Tools

PixelPeople custom-built a number of end-user tools to assist and enhance the shopping experience, including a mulch selection tool that shows what each product looks like in-use, and a calculator to help users determine how much of each product to order.

Third-Party Website Integration

Third-Party Integrations

PixelPeople’s custom theme allowed simple integration with the client’s third-party payment processor, their fulfillment center, and their back-office NetSuite software.

SEO Success

SEO Success

PixelPeople helped shape, enhance, and monitor the client’s SEO for years before the website redesign, and then helped transition that success to the new site. Despite the client serving only the Chicago area, the website ranks nationally for many key terms.


After NueMeta's business experienced tremendous growth and change, they sought PixelPeople's help to re-design and re-build their web presence to better reflect their global scale and reach.

NueMeta Mobile Design

Mobile First Design

Mobile devices are now the primary way people access the internet. Our mobile-first approach ensures that our custom websites are optimized for screens of any size, fast load times, and better search engine indexing, all leading to a better end-user experience.

PHP code

Custom WordPress Theme

PixelPeople built a custom-designed, custom-developed WordPress website that showcases NueMeta’s services and shows its global scale and reach.

NueMeta Blog

Flexible Content

PixelPeople employed a Flexible Content strategy that allows NueMeta to build and edit pages using section templates The templates are easy to use and allow the creation of an infinite number of unique page layouts.

NueMeta Website Performance

Lightning-Fast Performance

A fast website is crucial for both the end-user experience and your website’s search engine optimization. Our lightweight themes help visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, and ensures that they don’t abandon the site due to slow loading times.

Salt Smart Collaborative

PixelPeople worked with The Conservation Foundation, a Chicago-area non-profit, to build a new subscription-based membership portal for their Salt Smart Collaborative project.

Chicago wordpress maintenance and website updates

Website Updates

Before beginning work, the client’s site needed updates to the WordPress core, theme, and plugins. It also needed to be tested for PHP 8 compatibility, so the hosting platform could be updated and secured. PixelPeople updated their aging website to be as good as new.

Member Press membership portal

Membership Portal

PixelPeople built a new subscription-based membership program into their exiting site, along with secure payment processing, a protected members area, and a searchable members directory that maps all members’ locations.

Wordpress elementor web development

Familiar Page Editor

The client’s existing site used a popular page editor that they were already familiar with, so PixelPeople made sure that all features of the membership portal were compatible with their preferred page editor.

Hosting and support

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Over time, the client’s numerous domains and websites had become scattered across many different hosting accounts. All of their web assets were consolidated to PixelPeople servers where they can be actively monitored and regularly updated–and at a cost savings versus their previous providers.

Performance Gear Systems

Performance Gear Systems worked with PixelPeople to update their website, making extensive use of video to highlight their state-of-the art, automated manufacturing facilities.

Custom website overhaul

Website Redesign

After several years of explosive growth, PGS needed to update their website to reflect how their staff, their facilities, and their capabilities had grown to become among the best in the industry.

Custom video for marketing and website

Custom Video

PixelPeople worked with PGS to create compelling video loops that showcase the company’s state-of-the-art facilities. These videos give website visitors a behind-the-scenes look at PGS, and have also been repurposed for a general capabilities video shown to prospective clients.

Private back office tools

Back-Office Tools

The new website further leverages the capabilities of WordPress with private pages that are used to display client order & production line information on screens throughout their facilities, which can be regularly updated by their own staff.

SEO Success

Superior SEO

PixelPeople helped identify SEO opportunities in their industry and created a solid SEO foundation that helps the PGS website stand head and shoulders above all of their closest competitors in search engine rankings.

Services LLC

After a recent acquisition, Inspection Services, LLC approached PixelPeople about a website re-design to achieve better branding, clearer communication about their service offerings, and easier ways for end-users request quotes and apply for jobs.

Mobile Web Design

Custom Wordpress Theme

A custom WordPress website helped to communicate and enhance the client’s refreshed brand image,  while improving the website’s usability, performance, and search engine optimization.

Web Design

Content Reorganization

PixelPeople helped reorganize the client’s content, highlighting current events and job openings, and making it easier for customers to request quotes and for job seekers to apply for open positions.

Mobile Website Design

Mobile First Design

A mobile-first approach ensures that the new website is optimized for smaller screens, faster load times, and improved user experience, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Website Performance

Lightning Fast Performance

A fast website is crucial for user experience and search engine optimization, as it helps visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, and ensures that they don’t abandon the site due to slow loading times.

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