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8 Quick Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

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Whether your website niche is providing easy weeknight meal plans for busy parents or you’re building your own e-commerce giant, there are many easy and impactful ways to increase your conversion rate — that is, get visitors to stay on your site and take some desired action.

If you want to experiment with ways to increase website conversions, first use your website analytics to identify pages that rank well, but don’t convert well. Once you have these pages selected, try implementing a few of these simple strategies to boost your conversion rate:


# 1 – Implement Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

Opt for buttons over hyperlinks. We are visual creatures and buttons are noticeable, enticing, and instinctively drive engagement. When a button stands out on a page with ample whitespace (we’ll get to this later), your click-through rate will increase considerably. Creating custom, captivating CTA buttons is as simple as installing a WordPress plugin; but be sure the buttons you add are both relevant and valuable to your target audience.


# 2 – Optimize Your Images And Videos

Considering our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, you’ll want to ensure your images and videos are top-notch. And if you don’t already have videos on your site, you might consider adding them, seeing as four times as many consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description. When revamping your visual content, keep in mind that sticking with bright, airy lighting, a black or white background, and clear audio recorded in a quiet spot, free of any background noise, is your best bet.


#3 – Add H2 Headers

Let’s face it: The content we love to consume is captivating and organized. Without both, we will keep scrolling or switch apps or sites. Adding H2 headers – the eye-catching titles that define topics and precede paragraphs – is an important practice that will put your SEO keywords to work for you, enhance the formatting on your page, and highlight important information, making your content easily-digestible to readers. In a nutshell, H2 headers improve your aesthetic, keeping users on your site longer, which can improve your conversion rate. They may even help your SEO!


#4 – Leave Ample Whitespace

While it may feel natural to fill all the “empty space” on your site, you may want to avoid this impulse if you want improved conversion rates. Whitespace, when designed well, extends time spent on your site and converts browsers into buyers. You want users seeing the value in your products and services – not the competing design elements fighting for their airtime on the page. In a nutshell, more whitespace equals cleaner, clearer, more captivating content that guides visitors through your page.


#5 – Display Testimonials

Displaying testimonials from past satisfied clients packs a big punch. Nobody wants to be someone’s very first customer. Testimonials, otherwise known as social proof, show potential customers that a business has a proven track record of many satisfied customers, is legitimate, and trustworthy. And if working smarter, not harder, is the goal, it also provides a unique opportunity in that your own customers sell your products or services for you.


#6 Consolidate Any Online Forms

An easy way to kill your conversion rate is to create too many “required fields” on your online forms. Remember, prospective customers are looking for a frictionless online experience. Finding the right balance between getting critical lead information and keeping required fields to a minimum might mean the difference between a sale and someone leaving your site for an easier, more streamlined experience.


#7 Eliminate Distractions On Your Site

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Is your site clean-looking, well-organized, and easy to navigate? Are landing pages so busy that they might avert a potential purchase? Just as a disorganized, uninviting store (think of the disheveled shoe section of Walmart on a Saturday evening) can be off-putting, so can a disorganized, unalluring site thwart new leads.


#8 Add Popups – Strategically

Adding popups – those informational or promotional messages that grab your attention when you arrive at certain sites – can attract leads that turn into sales, if done right. Using lead magnets, such as an e-book or promotional code that provides value to the user in exchange for their email address can boost your conversion rate. You’ll also be able to add them to your email list for future marketing.


PixelPeople Can Boost Your Conversion Rate!

If the idea of optimizing your site feels too overwhelming or time-consuming, let us create a plan to boost your conversion rate so you can keep your focus where it belongs: on running and growing your business. Contact us to see how we can best help drive growth for your business and get a free quote.

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