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Why You Should Understand Your Marketing Before You Outsource

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Today’s post is brought to you by Natalie Swan, Founder of the Client Attraction Plan of Action. Natalie is one of PixelPeople’s regular partners, and we stand behind her proven methods. We are providing this information purely as a resource for our clients; there are no affiliate fees involved.

One of the biggest complaints small business owners have about marketing is that it’s a huge time-suck to DIY and figure it out as you go. Why? Because there is a mountain of conflicting information online about the best strategy. The problem is that marketing that’s taught online is often “one-size-fits-all.” But, that doesn’t work for small businesses, because every business is different. It’s key to understand how marketing, client attraction, and lead generation work for you. If you aren’t sure yet – keep reading. This is your starting place to help you avoid wasting a lot of time and money on the wrong type of marketing.

Within this article, you’ll learn about the Client Attraction Plan of Action. This membership program includes a simple client attraction system you can implement yourself. It’s uncomplicated, results-based marketing for service-based business owners.


To Get Ideal Clients, You Need Quality Leads

To get consistent clients for your business, you need to consistently generate leads. Leads are potential clients for your business who may be interested in your services. Why are leads important? Because referrals and word of mouth only get you so far! Marketing experts can help you bring in leads for your business. But it could be expensive and time-consuming to figure out the best fit, expected results, and how long it’ll take to get an ROI.

Lead generation requires you to do three things. It requires you to get in front of new people, with a compelling message, and use a process to track your progress. If any of these pieces are missing, your lead generations won’t be effective. There are plenty of ways to generate leads for your business that don’t cost you any money. The key is having a good strategy and system behind how you approach your lead generation.


Content Marketing Takes Time – Know What to Look For to Improve

Many small business owners believe that more content, shared in more places, equals more paying clients. But content for the sake of it gets us nowhere. I compare this to a fancy billboard on a desolate highway – your ideal clients never actually see it! So, you want to understand how that content results in actual paying clients. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time, energy, effort, and money. Content is only one piece of the puzzle in your full marketing strategy. You also need a process to ensure your content gets seen by the right people. Once your ideal clients see your content, it’s critical to have a seamless system on the backend.

Content marketing can take time to get traction. So, it’s even more important to know what to look for & change if something is not working. You don’t want to spend months creating content and crossing your fingers. Hoping for the best isn’t a good plan. Instead, understand what exactly you need to be improving and adjusting. Do you need eyeballs and visibility? Or, do you need to be converting people who already know you exist? These are very different marketing challenges to solve, so get clear on what exactly you need to focus on.


When You Know What Works, It’s Easier to Hire

Once you have a clear strategy and process in place, then it makes sense to consider outsourcing. For example, if you know that your LinkedIn content attracts ideal clients, then hiring someone to execute saves time. When your marketing is working, it’s easy to hire extra hands to execute. If you don’t yet have a clear strategy, it can be expensive to work with an expert (who may or may not be a good fit for your business). That’s why the Client Attraction Plan of Action was created. It enables service-based business owners with a step-by-step marketing system. Custom projects are expensive. Instead, learn how to get leads for your business before you hire help.

At some point, you’ll likely be ready to outsource your marketing. But unless you have a lot of time or money to pay someone else to figure out an effective system, consider learning yourself. You should feel empowered and excited to market your business, and only put time into marketing that works. Learn more about client attraction marketing for your business.

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