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Tips for Creating Content and Repurposing It Across Multiple Channels

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It takes time, effort, and creativity to create compelling content for your website and marketing channels, so it only makes sense to reuse that content in a myriad of ways so that it can have maximum exposure and impact. Re-using your content across various channels gives your audience options for receiving the information in the way they most prefer, while giving all of your channels a boost in terms of views and SEO for that particular topic.


Choose your topic wisely
Start by choosing a topic that will interest and benefit your audience. You should also frame the topic with specific keyword phrases that will increase your visibility for that topic in search engines. A great way to find a topic that checks both of those boxes is to think of questions that your own clients and prospects often ask. Type that question into Google, then browse the responses. Pay particular attention to the “People Also Ask” section that pops up – you’ll find some of the most common questions, with the most common keywords, right in that section. SEO tools like SEMRush also have tools that will help you discover commonly asked questions that are great idea-starters.


Create (and convert) your content
If you’re most comfortable behind the keyboard, start with a written article, blog post, or white paper. Once it’s finished, you can re-purpose it for video and deliver the content straight-to-camera for audience members who prefer to digest your content that way.

Or if you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, simply hit record and start talking. If you use an online video platform like Loom, it will automatically create a transcript for you, and you can edit & polish that transcript to create a text version of your presentation to use on your website, in emails, on social media, and wherever else the readers in your audience are found. (If your video platform doesn’t offer transcription, there are online services like that are easy to use and very affordable.)


Spread It Out
Keep in mind that if you’re creating a long piece of content, you can divvy it up into smaller bites and release them sequentially, over time. That spreads out the value of your content and gives your audience multiple touchpoints to get engaged. It might be in the form of serial emails or blog posts – or you could drip useful nuggets of advice to your audience via social media over the course of several days.


Reuse & Recycle
The most popular topics & questions tend to recur over and over again, so there’s nothing wrong with revisiting a topic every so often, to update it or add to it. Plus, over time, you may generate enough related content to assemble an e-book or a webinar, which you can use to add value to client interactions or sales efforts.


Note that in each of these cases, the goal isn’t to create sales-y content, but to create useful content that will help to position your business as a valuable partner and resource. When you create content with real value, it can live on indefinitely, beyond its original publication, and continue to produce results for you.

Last but not least, be sure to revisit the analytics for your content, after some time has passed, to learn what topics get the most traction and through which channels. You can learn a lot from the numbers, to help produce better performing content over time.

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