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Critical Website Project Questions

Focus Your Web Project with Critical Questions

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Investing in your website can be a wonderful opportunity for your business. Much of today’s business takes place online, even outside of the purchase process, so your website and digital footprint deserve attention. Today’s post focuses on the questions to ask before you dive into a website project.

A custom website requires resources (time, money, and effort). Before you start, know what to consider in a site design or redesign – it will pay off in the end.


What is the Website’s Primary Goal?

While it’s important to maintain a strong digital footprint always, be very specific with the goals and expected outcomes of a web project. For one, knowing your goals makes it easier to work with others. When you partner with a custom web design agency, you’ll want to communicate your goals clearly and concisely. This leads to better end products. Be as granular & specific as possible. “Increasing sales” is an obvious goal of all businesses. “Improving conversion rates by 15% by end of year through a streamlined user experience” is stronger. A good place to start is with your current metrics and key performance indicators. Look at data that’s available to you about your business and website. Then, create realistic and attainable goals based on the situation.


What Supporting Assets Should You Consider?

Does your current digital brand communicate your business well to customers? If your logo is outdated, and your messaging leaves much to be desired, you may want to think about branding first. What other assets might you need as part of a website project? For example, if your new website supports a marketing moment like a new product launch, you may want additional marketing assets (emails, digital ads, etc.). Do you have any special functional requirements that may affect the build? This could include considerations for how you collect data & where it’s stored on the backend. Also, you may want to look into custom photography, videography, professional copywriting, etc. Each of these components will help bring your website to life and ensure your business stands out from competitors.


How Does My Website Impact Business Results?

Knowing how your website affects your business results can inform how and when you decide to start a new web project. For example, is your website your main revenue driver? An online store cannot exist without a website or web platform. Do you supplement your business with online sales, or rely on real-time customer interactions? Your website may still be a high priority. Or even if your business is mostly conducted offline, you still need a professional online presence–but custom development may be less urgent. Knowing how much your website contributes to your bottom line helps you know how much to invest, and how to scope the project based on priorities and resources. Also consider your sales cycles and your busiest times of year, so you can finish your project well in advance.


Good website design supports your business – regardless of your industry. But a website project will require work, so be prepared with the right questions. You’ll get more out of your new website as a result. If you’d like to learn more about custom website designs, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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