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Why You Need a Professional “Off-Site, In-House Creative Team”

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Who’s leading the strategy, creative direction, and technical execution of your company’s marketing efforts? If you’re the owner of a small- to medium-sized startup business, odds are, it’s you. But have you stopped to consider your qualifications for the job? And are you honestly devoting as much time as you should to this crucial aspect of your business? Is your digital marketing as effective as you’d like it to be?

PixelPeople is a team of branding and website development experts, and we’re ready to become your “off-site, in-house creative team.” Today, we’ll tell you more about what that means and how we can help support you.

We serve our clients by being the marketing technology & website experts that small businesses need. Business owners can leverage technology and a strong digital strategy to grow; however, for many, hiring a team of truly in-house creatives or digital marketers does not make financial sense. PixelPeople bridges that gap, on an on-demand basis. From building a more meaningful brand to website development and online marketing, we’re here to be your partner and drive your growth, whenever you need help.


Simplifying Quality Website Development

When building a business, you take your website seriously so that your customers will too. It’s an investment, so invest in a team that’s excited to assist you. To hire the best for your project, look for experts who understand your goals and ask meaningful questions to develop your website. The team you select should inquire about what you’re trying to do, your primary business objectives, and your brand goals. Another important piece is empowering you to update & use your website. We create custom websites on WordPress and guide you through basic use. This way, you’re able to control your content and don’t have to wait on a developer every time you need to make a change. That said, we’re always here to help with fast project turnaround when you need our support.


Building Your Brand

Your website reflects your brand, for better or worse. You want your digital marketing and website to reinforce your brand to your customers. This sets expectations and provides a positive online customer experience. PixelPeople has years of expertise in branding & digital marketing, and we help our clients bring these to life online. We produce professional, quality graphic design that supports your business and brand goals. Branding is complex, so let us be your partner to guide the process. Whether you need to re-imagine your brand identity or audit your current branding, we have the tools and know-how to enhance your appearance online.


Making Digital Easier

Technology does not have to be difficult, stressful, or intimidating. Our goal is to make it more approachable for you. We’re able to share resources and advice to make your website work easier and faster (such as plugins, shortcuts, etc.). You don’t have time for extensive research on these topics as you run your business – that’s our job! We stay on top of industry trends, and as your partner, we keep you informed on best practices, key topics, and opportunities. For regular and consistent upkeep, we also offer ongoing SEO and web maintenance services to grow and evolve with your business needs.


Building your brand and your online presence is a job that’s never finished. You should always continue to improve and optimize based on results, your business growth, and industry trends. Find a partner who can help you envision and implement branding and website design that matches your needs. PixelPeople was built to support clients by enhancing and executing their online vision. If you’re interested in learning more, or have a question, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

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