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8 Trends in Web Design & User Experience For 2021

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Life moves pretty fast, and one could argue that trends move even faster. Just like technology, what once was the latest and most attractive style in web design eventually becomes dated and out of touch. We’ve compiled a list of trends we’re watching in 2021 to ensure your website is optimized to create the best user experience.

Here are 8 ways to keep your brand and website fresh, relevant, and on-trend.


Bold Color

Web Design Trend - Bold Color


This year we say goodbye to soft neutrals and hello to loud colors, because bold is in! While your competitors are still using soft tones, you can make your website stand out with bright colors that catch the eye and lift the mood. After a year stuck at home (likely doing a lot of mindless scrolling), color is a welcome web design trend we’re excited to explore.


Flat Design

Web Design Trend - Flat Design


Minimalism is still in, but with a twist. A design trend traditionally known for being black or white has become more colorful and daring (think about Apple’s evolution over the years!). We’re seeing companies incorporate colors while keeping minimal design elements and clean text. Minimal doesn’t have to mean boring. This year it’s all about clean aesthetics and not overwhelming your visitors.


Organic and Abstract Shapes

Web Design Trend - Organic Shapes


The more fluid and rounder your shapes, the more on-trend you’ll be. The geometric shapes we were seeing in 2019 have since been replaced with organic and abstract shapes. Harsh lines are out. Try using soft, flowing shapes like those found in nature like rivers, rolling hills, and natural asymmetrical shapes to break up sections on your website. You’ll notice how much more your website flows and elements stand out without sharp lines and angles.


Blending Photos with Graphics

Web Design Trend - Images with Shapes


This trend allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and can be extremely versatile. Blending photos with graphics brings your images to life and creates a unique and lasting impression for your visitors. Pick graphical designs and colors that are on brand, and combine them with photographs of your products, employees, or other business elements to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.


White Space

Web Design Trend - White Space


We’ll venture to say that white space and minimalism are going hand-in-hand in 2021. Maybe we’re all needing some space from the traumas of 2020, because 2021 is coming in hot with an uncluttered and simple aesthetic. White space helps your content stand out more, makes it easier for the brain to follow and process, and improves readability. Break up your content with more white space and let your website guide the viewer to the where you want them to go next.


Thumb-Friendly Navigation

Web Design Trend - Thumb-Friendly Navigation


You probably already know this, but your website should be optimized for the best mobile experience. ‘Thumb-friendly’ refers to how convenient items are placed on your site for the user’s thumb to easily reach on their mobile device. You’d be surprised how having a navigation bar too far out of reach can hurt your mobile user experience. It may seem like a small detail, but making strategic design changes to put elements where a thumb can comfortably reach makes your site more comfortable and improves your user experience!


Gradient Backgrounds

Web Design Trend - Gradient Backgrounds


Gradients aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re now seeing traditional gradients introducing multiple bright colors, shapes, patterns, and effects like blurring and distortion. Gradients add depth and texture and create bold and distinctive backgrounds for your website and individual elements. If you’re wanting to add some life to your neutral or minimalist site, gradients are a great way to add pops of color without making drastic changes to your site’s template.


Dark Mode

Web Design Trend - Dark Mode


The dark mode is arguably one of the hottest trends of 2021. It serves the practical purpose of reducing eye strain, which is a big concern for many since we spend so much time looking at screens. Another bonus is that dark mode reduces battery usage, which a lot of users appreciate. Incorporating dark mode on your website introduces an ultra-modern feel and gives you the freedom to strategically highlight elements that you want to draw the visitor’s attention to.


At PixelPeople, We Take The Guesswork Out Of It For You

When you work with us we take the guesswork out of web design for you. We’ll make sure your website is always on-trend and optimized for the best ultimate user experience possible.

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