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How Strong Graphic Design Supports Business Growth

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A professional designer may seem like a luxury for a small business, but graphic design must be part of your overall strategy. Graphic design can either support your brand, or it can detract from the perception of what you offer. You know the difference when you see it — good design vs. design that leaves you wanting. Why do you choose to work with certain vendors and partners over others? You’re probably influenced by what you see.


You Get One First Impression

Design is often your first impression to others. Potential customers see your marketing, social media, or website before they choose to hire you or buy your product. Poor design does not communicate the benefit you bring to customers. If your website is difficult to navigate, or your marketing doesn’t immediately communicate your value, you may lose a customer. While those are consequences when design is not working, when design is working for you, it’s a huge advantage. Design tells your customer what to do when he or she finds your business. It highlights what your customers care about, what next step to take, and how to find what they’re looking for. The level of graphic design helps set customer expectations for your company. If it’s strong, clear, and impactful, that is the impression your customer will have of your business.


Professional Design Experience Benefits Your Brand

A professional designer will approach problems in unique ways. He or she will help drive attention to a call-to-action and emphasize visual hierarchy. Effective design often appears to be simple. However, there is a lot of strategic planning behind it. This applies to all visual tools, including your website, your branding, and marketing collateral such as print ads. Designers know what questions to ask, and how to guide you through creating strong assets. Whether you need a marketing email template, or social media ads, a designer will help package your brand so that it makes sense and sets you apart.  Also, well-designed and clear websites improve SEO rankings. This increases your chance of organic (unpaid) discovery by a relevant audience.


Visual Elements are Increasingly Important in the Digital Space

You cannot promote your business online without graphics & imagery. Digital advertising is a competitive, saturated space. Don’t get left behind or outdone by competitors with more compelling visuals. Across your marketing communications, all design should be buttoned up and on-brand. While it’s important for assets to stand alone, it’s also essential that all designed communication reflects your company. People see your brand through design. Good graphic design puts your best foot forward. It’s an investment worth making and is a crucial element to a cohesive online brand.


If a full-time designer is not possible, consider your high-impact brand materials. Hire a professional to help with your most meaningful marketing opportunities. Where do potential customers find you? What challenges do your current customers face when working with you? How can design solve some of your bigger, most pressing brand challenges now? Don’t feel overwhelmed, and instead prioritize. Think about what design would be most meaningful, and reach out to get started.

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