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PixelPeople strives to be the only resource you need for design, development, and marketing needs of all kinds. But let’s face it–we all have to know our strengths, and where to draw the line. We can help you be found in online searches, but we’re not going to build our own search engine. We can help you setup an email marketing program, but we’re not going to build our own email platform. And we can help you bring more people to your website, but we’re not going to build our own analytics program. (Not yet, anyway.) Fortunately, this little company called Google has those technologies down to an art. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

We are enthusiastic believers in the power of All-Things-Google, and have wrapped their apps and services around how we do business and how we live our lives. As a member of the Google Partners Program, we can help you do the same. From getting you started with Google Apps for Work, to helping you make sense of your website Analytics, to providing Adwords certified consulting for all of your search advertising needs–we’re still the only one you need to call.

So leave your frustrating, expensive, 1990s desktop apps and local storage solutions behind. Get started with Gmail for work, plus a full suite of browser-based business apps that are compatible with what you’re using now; then cap it off with Google Drive, for anywhere-access and no worries about storage space or file backups. Google Apps for Work is already affordable for any size business, and if you sign up by September 15, we’ll save you an additional 20%. Just email [email protected] for your promo code, and we can help you get started today.

(We can help with services outside the Google family, too… You can click here for a list of other PixelPeople partnerships and affiliations.)

Happy Googling!

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