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Don’t Tarnish Your Brand With Bad Spelling & Grammar

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Let’s be honest: Once you’ve invested so much time into your brand, your website, and your marketing materials, the ongoing need to generate content can feel like a chore. And if you’re churning it out, day after day, you may not be paying as much attention as you should to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But those little mistakes that slip through the cracks can tarnish the credibility of your brand and your business. Luckily, WordPress users have some great free tools available to them, to ensure their content is in tip-top shape before publishing.

In a recent article on, Colin Newcomer points out three top-notch plugins that can assist with all of your proofreading:

  1. Jetpack Spelling and Grammar Module – check spelling and grammar with the click of a button, including detailed settings that tailor its suggestions to your unique writing style.
  2. Grammarly Browser Extension – As the name suggests, this is actually a browser-based tool, rather than a WordPress plugin, but it tends to be more reliable than other grammar tools.
  3. TinyMCE Spellcheck – while this is an older tool, it’s integrated right into the WordPress WYSIWYG editor and is more lightweight than many other options.

For a detailed breakdown of these three options, head over to

In the end, it doesn’t matter which tool you useā€“just be sure to use something to ensure that your content is as polished as your brand and your website.

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