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Big Brands Need Small Agencies

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Big brands need personalized attention, flexibility, and responsiveness to stay at the top of their game. But big agencies are built with processes of their own, and often have to rely on more turnkey solutions to stay profitable and keep shareholders happy. Here’s more about why big brands should send their most important work to small agencies:

More Personal Attention

Big agencies have big staffs, where different people play niche roles on your projects. That means team members may spend their days rotating between many clients and projects, rather than dedicating themselves to your brand, understanding it, and feeling truly invested in it. At a small agency, you’re more likely to have talent that’s largely dedicated to your brand. They’ll get to know your unique goals and challenges, and become more dedicated to your mission.

More Flexibility

Big agencies, by necessity, have more process to deal with. And the more successful the agency, the less likely they’ll be willing or able to flex to meet your brand’s expectations. Small agencies, on the other hand, are willing to bend over backwards to mold their process around yours. They become a more natural extension of your own team, rather than a separate unit trying to work within your parameters while working within their own.

Better responsiveness

Larger staffs and larger processes require larger amounts of time to get things done. When it comes to responsiveness, big agencies can’t hold a candle to small agencies. If you want to kick off a project today, don’t bother calling a big agency, because it will be at least a week before they can even schedule the intake meeting. In that amount of time, your small agency partner might have your project finished and ready for launch.

Small agencies can truly become a part of your team, part of your brand, and part of your success. We get to know you and your business personally, rather than just reading a project brief about you.

Are we biased on this topic? Absolutely. But don’t just take our word for it–here’s a selection of posts from websites large and small that will tell you the same thing:

Whether your business is one of the Big Brands, or one of the next Big Ideas, we’d love to learn more about it and help take your brand and your online presence to the next level. Contact Us today about your next project, and let’s dream big, together.

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