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Still Working From Home? How Can PixelPeople Help?

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Send us your questions and ideas for a chance to win one of 3 Google Home Minis

Giveaway time! It’s no secret that we love All-Things-Google here at PixelPeople. And we happen to have 3 Google Home Minis that we want to give away to our loyal customers and readers! So we want to know: as many of us are still plugging away at work from home, how’s it going for you? Do you have any questions we can help answer, or do you need any tips for shifting your ways of working during these crazy times?

Submit your question or idea below. From all the submissions received by the end of the day Thursday, July 16th, we’ll select three topics to use for future blog posts. If your submission is selected, we’ll send you a free Google Home Mini, so the Google Assistant will always be at your side, ready to help.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some ways Google is simplifying our work-from-home routines, and some DIY tips for keeping things as business-as-usual as possible.


Move Your Business To The Cloud

Saving, downloading, and uploading files are a thing of the past! A move to the cloud makes good business sense for so many reasons.

Not only will your employees free up space on their hard drive or your company server, but Google’s G Suite product for businesses comes with some of the most robust features and built-in security available anywhere. It’s also both affordable and scalable, starting at just $6 per user per month. As your company grows, Google grows with you to provide more storage and search functions, as well as document retention and even greater security.

If you’re considering a move to the cloud, check out this article to see why we think you will love Google as much as we do.


Collaborate With G Suite

G Suite comes with a bounty of features and productivity apps, and the neat thing is that the basics (word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations) all look and function just like their Microsoft counterparts. No learning curve to make the switch! Docs, Sheets, and Slides are also compatible with MS file types. So you’ll have no problems opening, editing, saving, and sending a file back to that client who’s still rocking the Microsoft suite.

Changes in G Suite are in real-time, so you can collaborate faster and more efficiently with coworkers, even assigning tasks and making comments right in your working docs.

Speaking of collaborating, how are those video conferences going? Oh, the horror stories we’ve heard! If the free version of Zoom isn’t cutting it, Google Meet is an enterprise-grade video conferencing app specifically for businesses. It’s included free with G Suite, and the sound and video quality is superior in every way to other platforms.

PixelPeople is a Google partner, and can help every step of the way. Click here to learn more about G-Suite and sign up today!


Track Website Stats With Google Analytics

Your website may be experiencing higher traffic than usual with more businesses working from home, people shopping from home, and shifting to a more virtual environment in general.

Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you track who’s visiting your site, where they’re coming from, and what they’re doing. It allows you to track time visitors spend on each page, conversion rates, bounce rates, etc. which helps you to identify opportunities to improve content, streamline forms, and otherwise boost your site’s user experience.

If you’re just starting to use Google Analytics to improve your website, we’ve written a couple of helpful articles about website analytics and how to use them to perform a site audit and make improvements. Check them out!


Register Your Domain With Google

One of the lesser-known domain registrars, Google Domains is also one of the most feature-rich and affordable of the bunch. You can create and register a new domain, or transfer an existing one to Google. Why would you want to do this if you’re already on, say GoDaddy or SquareSpace?

Google domains come with free WHOIS privacy (a feature that every other registrar upcharges for). Your domain will also run on Google’s own DNS servers — just like with G Suite, you get the technology and performance that Google itself uses (power of the big guy on campus!).

Speaking of G Suite, your domain integrates with it, allowing you to create unique email addresses, aliases and email forwarding rules for employees. You can also create up to 100 subdomains (if that’s important to you!), and Google domains integrate with top website builder platforms if you’re building a new site (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, etc).

And, there’s just one flat, affordable annual fee. No hidden fees or upcharges for ambiguous features.


Put Your Google Assistant To Work

Here’s where we love the Google Home Mini. Yes, it’s fun for playing music and convenient for managing smart home devices. But when it’s set up in your home office, it’s a great productivity tool!

Here’s why:

  • Connects to your Google account, and Android phone if you have one.
  • Make calls through the speaker, not your phone.
  • Manage your calendar – verbally set appointments, ask about upcoming meetings, etc.
  • Set reminders – ditch the post-it notes! Even little things like “ok Google, remind me to get up and stretch every hour.”
  • Remember random stuff – all you have to do is say “ok Google, remember” and it will repeat the tidbit when asked. Great for when you’re researching and make a “mental note” to remember to come back to something. There’s a Google Assistant for that!
  • And so much more…


Enter To Win A Google Home Mini From PixelPeople

We want to make your work-at-home life easier! Let us know what you’re struggling with, what questions you have, or how we can otherwise help you work from home more efficiently. We’ll select three topics for future blog posts. If your topic is selected, we’ll send you a free Google Home Mini!*

The contest ended on 7/16/2020. Thanks for all of your great suggestions. Winners will be notified via email by 7/23/2020.

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