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6 Key WordPress Benefits

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If your business hasn’t yet switched to WordPress, you might still think that managing a website is difficult and time-consuming. But today, WordPress is bigger and better than ever, and in the hands of an experienced designer/developer, a custom WordPress website can be a natural extension of your brand, while making it easy to manage content, users, SEO, multimedia, sales, event registrations and more.

From the dozens of benefits that WordPress may offer over and above your Content Management System (CMS), here are the six that we think are most important:

  • Faster, Less-Expensive Development. The core features and functions–plus a wealth of available plugins–are already built, so you’re not paying to re-invent the wheel. All those plugins also ensure that the site can grow with your business, indefinitely. And if the plugin you need doesn’t exist yet, your developer can create it.
  • More Control. WordPress can make nearly any type of update easy to learn and practically foolproof, without any coding knowledge. That means you never have to wait for a designer or developer to update your site.
  • Accessibility. You can edit your site from any browser-capable device, including your phone, without any special software or firewall rules. And you can add different tiers of users, to help–from subscribers and contributors, to authors and editors, to website administrators.
  • Design Flexibility. You can build a custom theme to do just about anything you want, while keeping the design independent from the content. Your site can be completely re-designed in the future without rebuilding the core or re-migrating your content.
  • Better SEO. Search engines love WordPress because the code is clean, simple, and easy to read. When you add its capabilities for managing all of your tags, metatags, categories, and URLs, you get one lean, mean SEO machine.
  • Strength in Numbers. WordPress now powers more than 28% of the internet–including ecommerce sites. That massive WordPress community means more people are inventing plugins to expand and improve your site, and working on cutting-edge security measures to protect your site. (It also means that it will be easy to find a new developer, if your current developer isn’t able to make the most of your WordPress website. Try that with your developer’s “proprietary” CMS…)

All of those benefits include being user-friendly, mobile-compatible, and secure–with the ability to add any other front-end technologies you want. If you haven’t yet joined the WordPress revolution…what are you waiting for?

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