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How to Keep up with Industry Trends for Your Business

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As a business owner, it’s impossible to ignore the implications that trends in your industry have on your growth. And regardless of your business, you’re likely affected by trends in marketing and technology. Using a few basic strategies to stay in-the-know allows for continual learning opportunities that will benefit your business and help position you as an industry expert. At PixelPeople, our focus is on marketing and technology, and we strive to be the “off-site, in-house” experts in those industries for your business. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to resources, to help you stay on top of the trends in your industry, as well.


Be Active on Social Media

Being active on social media allows you to see what people in your industry are talking about so you can stay on top of current news and events. To ensure content you see is applicable and helpful to you, be careful who you allow into your online social circle. Follow influencers who’ve become successful in your industry, who have a strong following, and whose audience is engaged (ex: are people commenting and liking posts?). Follow hashtags to explore what experts are talking about. To get the most value out of social, don’t stand back as a listener. Jump in to the conversations, ask questions, and interact. This helps you connect with others and build relationships. It’s encouraging to watch business owners’ success. You’ll see the value they bring, and you can apply your learnings to get creative in new ways.


Use Online Resources

Online resources exist for countless industries, and many at little to no cost. Find a way to consolidate information on relevant topics so you don’t feel overwhelmed browsing the internet. One option is to set up Google Alerts for topics that affect your business. If you advertise on Facebook, get alerts on Facebook news or Facebook algorithm changes. Another idea is to use a tool that captures major headlines related to your industry. Feedly allows you to select news outlets and pulls in trending headlines. A quick scan of headlines, with a longer read on interesting topics, helps you see timely announcements and articles. You can also sign up to receive newsletters for valuable and insightful outlets. While this doesn’t give you the wider reach of multiple sources, it’s a no-cost option to stay informed.


Attend Industry Events

Industry events offer an opportunity that’s unique in today’s world — the chance to meet people in person. Events provide deep insight as sessions, speakers, and materials are created to provide value to the audience. Look at the guest list ahead of time to know who will be attending. You’ll have more meaningful conversations with potential customers and partners. Feel confident knowing which of your peers are present and meet influencers you’ve followed on social media! Going to events helps you stay informed but can also provide a platform for you to position yourself as an expert. Is there an opening to speak on a panel? Explore ways to tell your story and showcase your expertise. If attending in person is challenging, look for webinars, Facebook Lives, or other online opportunities to connect with a group.


You own a business because it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. To be successful, find interesting and meaningful ways to receive new information. Build an online toolkit of sources, connect with others, and engage. Don’t be afraid to offer your expertise and ask questions. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to say ‘hi’ and hear more tech and marketing ideas — we’d love to hear from you.

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